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Solar Flow hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) collectors produce high temperature heat and electricity at high efficiencies.

These collectors open large markets such as: space and water heating, air conditioning and process heat supply, which account for >60% of global heat demand.

PVT Technology

  • Sunlight can heat up PV panels, increasing PV cell temperatures and causing a reduction in efficiency.
  • In PVT collectors, the PV cells are cooled by a fluid flow, maintaining their electrical efficiency.
  • The extracted heat in the fluid stream can be used for low temperature heating applications.
  • A trade-off arises in conventional PVT collectors; lower heat delivery temperatures favour greater PV efficiencies, but are not associated with a useful thermal output, whereas higher heat delivery temperatures penalise PV efficiency.
  • As a consequence, present PVT collectors are operated at lower temperatures, limiting them to niche applications.

Solar Flow's unique solution

Solar Flow technology is based on a next generation affordable and high-performance heat & power concept:

  • 1. The patent pending Solar Flow collector offers a unique spectral splitting design that sends part of the sunlight's spectrum that does not produce electricity directly to heat the fluid thus avoiding unnecessary heating of the PV cells and maintaining them at cooler temperatures.
  • 2. Solar Flow's PVT collector therefore achieves significantly higher efficiencies and higher heat delivery temperatures than commercially available PVT collectors, as well as higher efficiencies compared to both conventional standalone solar thermal collectors and PV panels.


  • Low cost non-concentrating non-reflecting design
  • Max yield/min-area easy to install flat panels than PV and pure Solar Thermal (ST)
  • Higher efficiency than PV/ST and conventional PVT
  • Higher temperatures and electrical conversion efficiencies compared to existing PVT





Solar Flow is presenting at Future Build in London 05-07 March 2019. Come by and learn more about our PVT!

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